A “debate” on suppressing the debate!

Gruevski has revoked the decision of VMRO-DPMNE for selling state-owned property, a cultural heritage, something that belongs to all the citizens. It seems he has “an ear for citizens’ concerns”, or, translated, the ‘supreme leader”, who even though currently holds no state function, yet still calls the shots in the state institutions, has somehow taken pity.

By: Petrit Saracini

By: Petrit Saracini

Perhaps he noticed that there is a difference – between the real one, and the “older and more beautiful” baroque plastering or neoclassicism? Or, more likely, he noticed that in Bitola, with moves like these of his top people and of the party, the number of votes are slimming down. So, instead of having “the people decide on the House of Officers on April 24”, the shepherd decided himself, in the attempt to minimize the damage from the circus.

And the decision that the Earth is flat, was withdrawn. After the public mocked it, it turned out that it had not been a view, but rather the opening of a “debate”. A logical debate that is necessary at this moment, since all of the other problems of Macedonia have been solved.

Therefore, it is clear that the selection of such topics for swaying the public, is an overture to what is going to follow -  an attempt to transform our public into a field, a farmland and even a garden for a circus “debate”, in the noise of which the blatancy of the shepherd and of the chiefs will have to be suppressed, the awareness of their crimes and their lack of arguments – despite the ever more louder and more articulate criticism in society.

We see this debate every day, on other topics as well: on the one side are the greedy and “eloquent” regime megaphones, and on the other are the students, high school students, journalists, activists, ordinary and extraordinary citizens – who, imagine, dared to think differently. That is the debate that’s being served to the public, as a debate between “two sides”, between “one and the other”. And in fact, it is a debate between the Inquisition and the normal people.

This weekend in Ohrid there was an attempt for such a debate, namely, for CIVIL’s discussion on the elections to turn into such a circus. CIVIL’s team faced an organized “welcome”, at which “furious citizens”, actually directors of public enterprises, municipal employees, party activists, came “spontaneously” on a non-working day to the debate, giving various insults and labeling to the activists, or the “foreign mercenaries”. And they were convincing us that we are seeing and hearing things in a wrong way, and that in Ohrid there have always been only free elections.

They forgot about Hotel Magnus, about Nanches stealing of votes, about Martin’s “teams” who “disciplined” during the last elections, about the bribing of the poor and vulnerable, and of everything that has been “embellishing” citizens voting since independence, and not just in Ohrid

This is how it’s going to be until elections, “whenever they will take place”, as would the shepherd say. We will be debating, lusciously, but on issues that are of nonsense, illogicalities, on issues for which in normal countries they don’t even talk about, but imprison and hold people responsible. Or for which they place people in appropriate institutions.

For the menu of these debates, which will be served from the chiefs’ kitchens, neither Easter nor Ramadan fasting will apply.

Therefore, prepare your jaws and take a bite.


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