CIVIL invites citizen journalists to take action

CIVIL is inviting citizen journalists and all interested citizens to participate in the contest „Be a citizens journalist“ for most successful video recordings and photos on all types of abuse, pressure and violation of human rights in the electoral context.

Video, audio and photo materials, as well as texts on intimidations, blackmail, political corruption, bribing of the electorate, violation of voting rights, abuse of public resources and of the administration are topics, which present and future citizen journalists can share with the public through CIVIL’s "Civic Lenses" project, while having the opportunity of being rewarded.


citizen journalist contestEveryone with a smartphone, camera or camcorder of any kind, can be a citizen journalist and get involved in our and your project. We encourage you to take active participation as citizens, who through research, media activities and activism, will contribute to the development of citizen journalism.

The materials that you will be sending must be accompanied with a detailed description of the time, place, course of the event and the participants in the event. The authors, as well as the persons involved in the materials may remain anonymous, depending on the agreement made with the authors and the legislation regulating this type of production and publishing.

Each month, the five most successful submissions will be rewarded with vouchers for the purchase of photo, video, computer and telephone equipment. The highest monthly prize is 110 dollars.

The deadline for submitting materials from the citizen journalists is January 31, 2016. The first prizes will be awarded in February 2016.

The overall objective of the “Civic Lenses” Project is to raise awareness on political processes related to the forthcoming elections and to alarm the domestic and international public on fraudulent practices in the electoral context, and to identify cases of violations of the voting right.

The Project is supported by the Foundation National Endowment for Democracy.


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